Old key | New Identity

Have you ever noticed the similarity between a key and a human being?
Keys have a story; they have most likely been lost, only to be found…
they have traveled, they have opened up doors for us and others.
Every key is made unique, and each one of them has a specific purpose…
I believe that you are born unique with a specific purpose for your life.

My heart is for the lost, as well as the ”sleepers”
to wake up and find the lost key in their life.

I started to collect old keys and I would stamp them with one simple word – HOME!
I hang each one on a neckless, and my goal is to spread the feeling of being home;
wherever you are on the earth, you belong at home!

If you have already accepted Jesus into your heart, you can buy this neckless
as a reminder of who you are and everything that you have access to as a Christian.
Let it be a reminder of that you will never, ever be alone and that there is
always hope, joy, freedom, peace, and love to access, always.

Buy a neckless today, give one to a friend,
give it to the one you pray for on the street or send it in the mail.

Remind yourself and others that we belong at HOME!

// OKNI | Old Keys New Identity | One HOME for everyone
[ peace – freedom – safe – be yourself – joy – comfort – learning – growing – new nature – hope – self-control – love ]